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Teens Can - Skills for Living

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dad and son with bbq
  • When your teen is facing a challenge ask them if they would like your help to create a plan 1. Identify what the challenge is (e.g. selecting high school courses) 2. Map out solution(s)
3. Identify what is needed to solve it 4. Identify who they can ask for help 5.	Set realistic goals 6. Break tasks into small steps 7. Set a timeline 8. Gain the skills/knowledge needed 9. Learn from mistakes 10. Be open to a new approach 11. Keep trying 12. Look for ways to help your teen stay on track
  • Work with your teen to create a good study space Inspiring posters/pictures on the wall, 
a calendar to plot out goals and timelines, 
clean and organized desk space free of distractions, 
things to help focus e.g. soft music, quiet space, stress ball.
  • Encourage your teen to develop new skills Such as: clubs, sports, art, photography, robotics; career-related, e.g. Habitat for Humanity, volunteering at an animal clinic etc.; other e.g. swimming lessons, CPR or a babysitting course
  • Plan a meal with your teen. Shop, cook and enjoy it together.
  • Role model competence Manage your household, have a budget, learn a new skill, like building a shed or tuning-up a bike.
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