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Teens Can - Supportive Relationships

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Things You Can Do

family code and picture of mothers with daughters Text messages: "Thanks for putting the laundry away", "Thanks for helping Jamie with his math", "You look great in red!"
  • Create a family code of conduct together Think about others,Keep your promises, Share, Say I love you, Listen to each other, Do your best, Tell the truth, Hug often, Use kind words, Help each other, Move and Play everyday, Try new things, Be grateful, Dream big, Respect one another, Laugh out loud
  • Have family meals where everyone talks openly
  • Find shared interests and do them together
  • Let your teen know you see the good things they do
  • Get to know your teen better with these talking points What would be your dream job? What makes you laugh? What is a skill you wish you had? Tell me about a change you’d like to see in the world.
  • Attend your teen’s events e.g. a sports game or a school play
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