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Physical Activity

Grade 5 Action Pass

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Check with your local recreation centres as programs vary by location.Grade 5 Action Pass Logo

The Grade 5 Action Pass gives Durham Region Grade 5 students free:

Girls swimming
  • public swimming
  • public skating
  • access to other programs

Use the pass as many times as you want from September 2017 to August 31, 2018.

How can students get their Grade 5 Action Pass?

Grad 5 Action Pass
Print a Grade 5 Action Pass Postcard!

Grade 5 students with an adult need to:

Take a Grade 5 Action Pass postcard to their local participating municipal recreation centre, Oshawa Mary Street YMCA or Abilities Centre.

  • Bring proof of their address and date of birth.
  • Students registering in Uxbridge, and in Scugog must also provide any current photo
    (1 inch by 1.5 inch).
  • Students registering in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and Clarington will have their photo taken at the recreation centre for their pass.
  • Brock students who would like to have a Grade 5 Action Pass will have their picture taken in their classroom. Pictures will be taken and the passes will be created by the Township of Brock Recreation.

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Students can obtain their Grade 5 Action Pass at the following locations:

Town of Ajax

  • Ajax Community Centre (905-427-8811)
  • McLean Community Centre (905-428-7711)
  • Audley Recreation Centre (905- 427-2468)

Township of Brock

  • At school: Photo taken and passes distributed by the Township of Brock Recreation.

Municipality of Clarington

  • Courtice Community Complex (905-404-1525)
  • Clarington Fitness Centre (905-623-3392)
  • Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex (905-623-5728)
  • Newcastle & District Recreation Complex (905-987-5667)
  • South Courtice Arena (905-435-1061)

City of Pickering

  • Pickering Recreation Complex (905-831-1711 or 905-683-6582)

City of Oshawa

  • Legends Centre (905-436-5455)
  • Oshawa Civic Recreation Centre (905-436-5454)
  • South Oshawa Community Centre (905-436-5474)
  • Donevan Recreation Complex (905-725-3536)
  • Oshawa Mary Street YMCA (905-438-9622)

Township of Scugog

  • Scugog Arena (905-985-8698)

Township of Uxbridge

  • Uxpool (905-852-7831)

Town of Whitby

  • Whitby Civic Recreation Complex (905-666-1991)
  • Brooklin Community Centre and Library (905 655-2010)
  • The Abilities Centre (905-665-8500)

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Where can students use their Grade 5 Action Pass?

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Why Grade 5 students?

  • In Canada, 93% of children aged 5-11 years are not physically active for 60 minutes each day.
  • Children need at least 60 minutes and up to several hours of physical activity each day. Examples include: swimming and skating.
  • Being physically active:
    • helps children focus
    • improves learning
    • helps children feel good about themselves
    • helps children make new friends
    • lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, depression and some cancers
  • Levels of physical activity tend to drop for both boys and girls as they reach higher grades.

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What others have to say about the Pass

“We used the pass numerous times for swimming in both Whitby and Oshawa. During the long, cold, winter months, an escape to the pool was as much a mental health benefit as a physical benefit, for both mom and kids!  The kids improved their confidence in the water, and mom very much enjoyed the hot tub and sauna experiences.  We went home happy and relaxed.”

“I like how I could try different programs with my friends with the Grade 5 Action Pass. I tried wheel chair basketball, badminton, art class and we went swimming several times. Thank you.”

“What I liked best about my Grade 5 Action Pass was going to the games room and the drop in soccer at the Civic. It was fun because I invited a few friends and we all played soccer together. My mom liked it because it was free, I liked it because I just love soccer!!!!!”

Who supports the Grade 5 Action Pass?

The Grade 5 Action Pass is supported by: