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Physical Activity

Physical Activity for Workplaces

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Why Physical Activity at Work?

Canadians spend half of their waking hours at work. Most people report low activity and high stress levels in the workplace. Being more active can boost energy and lower stress levels.

Physical activity in the workplace has many benefits:

  • Better employee health and fitness
  • Better employee concentration, memory, and learning
  • Better productivity
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Less stress
  • Less absenteeism
  • Better company image
Enjoy the benefits of having an active workplace - get started today
Download the Physical Activity Workplace Guide PDF

Getting Started

Coworkers Walking

Congratulations for choosing to become a healthy workplace!

Six Steps to Creating Your Healthy Workplace:

  1. Gain Commitment
  2. Create a Healthy Workplace Committee
  3. Assess your Workplace (link to assess your workplace below)
  4. Develop a Plan (link to same title below)
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Evaluate the Plan

Once you know your workplace is focusing on physical activity, you can use the following information and tools to help you.

Develop a Plan

When making your plan, choose activities that cover all four Health Promotion Strategies. This will help your message be effective.

Below are some ideas for each Health Promotion Strategy:

Health Promotion Strategy:
Awareness Raising
Health Promotion Strategy:
Education/Skill Building
Health Promotion Strategy:
Environmental Support
Health Promotion Strategy:
Healthy Policies
  • Send get active messages through email
  • Provide pamphlets and fact sheets on physical activity
  • Have get active messages in newsletters
  • Presentations to staff on setting activity goals and making plans to be active
  • Include a Personal/lifestyle consultants
  • Run get active challenges
  • Provide safe, clean and appealing stairways
  • Have bike racks available
  • Provide opportunities for people to be active at work
  • Have a guideline or policy that promotes employees being active at work; such as:
  • Flexible hours to allow walking at lunch
  • Promoting stretch breaks during meetings

Stay Active in the Workplace, Tips for Success

  • Listen to what your employees have to say
  • Get staff involved in the planning
  • Take part in the Durham Region Healthy Workplace Award Program
  • Celebrate the work of your wellness committee
  • Advertise upcoming activities and previous success
  • Look to your local community for discounts and donations to support your wellness program
  • Encourage employees to stand when they can or get up every 30 minutes.  Learn more about Sedentary Time.