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Sexual Health

Sexual Health Decision-Making

We all must make many different decisions throughout a lifetime. Some decisions are more difficult than others because of pressures from other sources such as peers or the media. Some decisions relate to life choices and others to sexual issues. Some have serious consequences like drinking and driving or having unprotected sex.

  • Decision-making is a process that can be learned and improved with practice
  • It helps to have all the accurate information when you must make a decision
  • Your beliefs and values will also affect the decisions you make

Do I Want to Have Sexual Intercourse?

Ask yourself...

  • Am I emotionally and physically ready for this?
  • Is it in conflict with my beliefs and values?
  • Am I feeling pressured into making a decision? Do I really want this?
  • Do I understand the physical and emotional consequences of this decision?
  • Do I need more information to help me answer this question?
  • Do I know where I can get information and/or counselling?
  • Do I care for both my own and my partner's health and well-being?
  • Will I be sorry about this decision later?
  • Have I talked with my partner?

If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions - think back...

  • Have you answered all the previous questions to your satisfaction?
  • Is there mutual consent and agreement?
  • Are you both willing to use contraception and protection from STDs?
  • Do you know where you can get condoms and contraception counselling?
  • Have you planned how and when you'll get the condoms and birth control?

If your answer was "NO" to any of these questions:

  • Have you thought about how to handle pressure?
  • Say "NO" and show you mean it e.g. "NO, I don't want to do that", and move away
  • Suggest an alternative, repeat your message firmly and clearly

Remember, you ALWAYS have a right to say "NO"!