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Sewage System Types

Class 1 Sewage System

A Class 1 sewage system is a chemical toilet, an incinerating toilet, a recirculating toilet, a portable toilet, all forms of privy including a portable privy, an earth privy, a pail privy, a vault privy and a composting toilet system.

A Class 1 sewage system is designed only to receive human body waste except where the sewage system is specifically designed for the biological decomposition of non-waterborne biodegradable kitchen waste or where small quantities of plant matter is required to improve the decomposition of human body waste.

Although a building permit is not required for the construction of a Class 1 sewage system, construction requirements are listed in Part VIII of the OBC and must be adhered to when installing a Class 1 sewage system. A Class 1 sewage system must maintain vertical and horizontal clearances.

The bottom of an earth privy shall be a minimum of 0.9 m above the high ground water table.

Further information can be accessed by visiting the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Building and Development Branch Website.