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Sewage System Types

Class 3 Sewage System

A Class 3 sewage system is a sewage system that is designed to receive only the contents of a Class 1 sewage system or effluent from a Class 1 sewage system for disposal.

A Class 3 sewage system shall not be constructed where the daily design sanitary sewage flow to the system exceeds 1 000 L/day

A Class 3 sewage system must maintain minimum vertical and horizontal clearances.

The bottom of the cesspool shall be at least 0.9 m above the high ground water table and have a strong, tight cover which must be locked if it is above ground. 

The use of a Class 3 sewage system is usually discouraged because the human body waste will quickly clog the soil particles, which will slow down the operation of the cesspool. For this reason, Class 3 sewage systems usually have a short life and are not recommended unless all other possibilities for the treatment of sanitary sewage have been rejected.

Further information can be accessed by visiting the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Building and Development Branch Website.