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Splash Pads & Wading Pool Safety

Splash Pads

Splash Pads are small water parks for younger children and their guardians. It is strongly recommended that guardians monitor children at all times.

Splash Pad Safety

What things can I do to protect myself and my family when going to a splash pad?

  • Children must be accompanied by an Adult
  • No Running
  • No Glass Containers
  • No Food on Splash Pad
  • No Skateboards, Roller Blades and Bikes on Splash Pad
  • Leave Splash Pad and surrounding areas clean - Deposit garbage in receptacles
  • No Pets on Splash Pad
  • Do not use splash pads during times of inclement weather

Wading Pools

Public wading pools are primarily used by very young children and their caregivers for the purposes of recreation or instructional use.  Caregivers are responsible for closely monitoring toddlers and preschoolers who are naturally curious about water. Be aware that children are persistent and ingenious in finding a way to get to the water.

Wading Pool Safety

What things can I do to protect my family when using a wading pool?

  • Clarity of the wading pool - Is the pool water clear? Can you see the bottom?
  • If you cannot see the bottom, do not use the pool and notify the operator.
  • Check for safety hazards in and around the wading pool (e.g. glass, sharp edges).
  • Do not enter or remain in a wading pool if a drain cover or suction fitting is loose, broken or missing. Immediately notify the operator or your local municipal office.
  • Be a good role model and encourage safe play when using a wading pool (e.g. no running).
  • When possible, follow the Six "PLEAs" for Healthy Swimming (PDF).
  • Do not allow anyone to sit, play or swim near drains or suction devices. Your body, body parts, hair, jewellery and/or other objects can become trapped which may result in serious injury or death. People with long hair should be especially aware of these potential hazards.
  • Monitor your child(ren), when using a wading pool. Stay within arms reach with young infants. Never leave a child unattended as drowning can occur silently within seconds. It also only takes a few inches of water for a drowning to occur.