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News Release

Special committee to review council composition

WHITBY, ON May 13, 2015

During the past 20 years, the size and distribution of Durham Region’s population has changed dramatically. As a result, Durham Regional Council is reviewing council composition via a 15-member special committee.

“We need to ensure Durham Regional Council is providing fair, effective and responsive governance within our growing community,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “This committee will strive to identify a model that best serves the needs of our residents.”

Representation on this special committee will include the Regional Chair, one Regional Councillor from each area municipality (eight in total), and individuals from local chambers of commerce, boards of trade and post-secondary institutions.

In the Region’s 41-year history, council composition has changed a few times. Upon its inception in the 1970s, Regional Council was made up of 30 elected officials. This number grew to 32 in the 1980s. And, prior to the November 1997 election, a special committee (comprised of the Regional Chair, eight Regional Councillors and a provincial facilitator) recommended that elected membership drop to 28 (the current number of seats). The role of the Regional Chair was not included in these numbers, because up until 2014, this individual was always an appointed member of council.

This special committee is required to report its findings to Regional Council by March 2016.

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