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News Release

Region of Durham receives funding for the development of a Durham Community Energy Plan

WHITBY, ON June 09, 2016

The Regional Municipality of Durham, in collaboration with all eight area municipalities and five local utilities, is developing a Durham Community Energy Plan (DCEP). The Region has received a grant of $90,000 from the Ministry of Energy to support the project, matching funds from the Region and community partners, which will assist in the development of a strategy to define the community’s energy priorities.

“The announcement of this provincial funding is welcome, as there are many potential community and economic benefits of producing and implementing a community energy plan,” said Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer Roger Anderson. “The development of the DCEP will help to determine how energy can be generated, delivered and used for the next several decades.”

The DCEP will aim to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage green energy solutions at the local level, while helping to plan ahead for future growth and development, energy generation, delivery and use.

The development of the plan will follow a three-stage process, as required by the provincial Municipal Energy Program, beginning in July 2016. The first stage involves stakeholder engagement to build awareness of current energy production and use, while securing local interest and involvement in the development of the DCEP. The second, concurrent, stage is comprised of a baseline energy study and development of energy infographics identifying how and where energy is currently used within the community. The creation of the Durham Community Energy Plan will be undertaken during the third stage, and is scheduled to be completed by March 2018.

The Region applied for the provincial grant in April 2016, and received confirmation of the successful application made to the Ministry of Energy in May 2016.

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