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News Release

Durham Region to participate in Earth Hour March 25

WHITBY, ON March 21, 2017

The Regional Municipality of Durham will participate in Earth Hour, on Saturday, March 25 from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m., by reducing lighting at several of its facilities. Local businesses and residents are encouraged to join the Region in promoting energy efficiency during this time and throughout the year.
“Let’s go dark for the good of the environment! In celebration of Earth Hour, I encourage Durham residents and businesses to join us in reducing lighting. All non-essential lighting at Regional facilities including headquarters, water supply plants and water pollution control plants will be turned off,” says Susan Siopis, Commissioner of Works for the Region of Durham. 
All year long, energy conservation is a priority for the Region of Durham. Regional facilities employ the use of timers and motion sensors to reduce lighting levels during off-peak hours when staff members are not present. In addition, energy-efficient light bulbs are utilized. Most recently, the Region has installed new automated systems in various facilities to allow better control of the heating, air conditioning and ventilation ensuring that the optimal indoor temperature and air quality is maintained by in the most efficient manner. Durham Region always considers the latest green standards and the most energy-efficient technologies in all new construction and renovation projects.
The Region’s water efficiency program also helps contribute to energy savings. Water Efficient Durham’s mandate is to encourage efficient use of water among all users, because by saving water, you not only save money but also save the energy needed to treat and transport the water through the system. For more information, visit
The Region of Durham’s Works Department is responsible for the management of Regional facilities, transportation and field services, water supply, sanitary sewerage and waste management. For more information, visit

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