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News Release

The future is bright in Durham Region

WHITBY, ON May 10, 2017

Durham Region is the right choice for a bright future. That’s the concept the Planning and Economic Development Department hopes to bring to life over the next five years, through the 2017-2021 Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan.

This plan offers ways to enhance economic development in our area via an integrated, aligned and multi-faceted approach. Durham Region is one of the fastest growing municipalities in the country, offering exceptional talent, innovation, and a transportation network that includes air, rail and highways, among other key points.

“We continue to work towards a vibrant and dynamic community that offers an accessible local workforce to support existing and future businesses,” said Brian Bridgeman, Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development. “Durham is still the most affordable region in the Toronto area, in terms of land value, development charges and other key features. This may help us draw even more attention from local investors, in addition to foreign owned or globally connected organizations.”

According to the plan, key economic drivers for growth include enhanced partnerships; the promotion of infrastructure readiness for regional competitiveness; capitalizing on Durham’s talent pool; fostering innovative ecosystems; retaining and expanding existing business (north and south Durham); attracting new investment; and marketing Durham Region internationally.

These activities are complemented by five unique attributes that drive current growth: high-impact infrastructure projects; impressive educational opportunities aligned with business; governance models that support collaboration; established networks with the marketplace; and a multi-dimensional support system for the business and investor communities.

“Through collaboration, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we can create and sustain better economic and community outcomes for all who live, work and invest in our region,” said Kathy Weiss, Director of Economic Development and Tourism. “It is through our partnerships that we can deliver timely, competitive and varied opportunities for new and expanding businesses.”

To ensure council is aware of the division’s progress, key outcomes are scheduled to be measured and reported each year, including substance indicators (level of economic activity), relational indicators (strengthening of key partnerships and creation of new alliances), and process indicators (addition of any process-related improvements).

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