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Public Service Announcement

Dye tracer testing at Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant

WHITBY, ON November 8, 2013 – The Regional Municipality of Durham, Works Department would like to advise residents of the Municipality of Clarington that upcoming testing at the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) will include a dye tracer test, and as a result residents may notice a temporary red hue in Lake Ontario water near the plant.


Nov. 15 and 20.


Lake Ontario water near the Newcastle WPCP outfall.


The Works Department will place a safe, environmentally friendly, bio-degradable “fluorescing” dye into the treatment process at the Newcastle WPCP. The red dye may pass through the treatment process and be released from the plant with treated effulent (discharge) into Lake Ontario. This may result in a temporary red colouring of Lake Ontario water near the WPCP outfall in Newcastle.

The dye will not affect water quality or recreational uses of Lake Ontario. It is harmless to aquatic and human life. The colour will be temporary and will eventually dilute and become unnoticeable.


The dye tracer test is being completed as part of the Newcastle WPCP re-rating feasibility study, which is required to accommodate projected growth in the community of Newcastle, in the Municipality of Clarington.


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For more information, please contact Corporate Communications.