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Public Service Announcement

Reminder to share the road with farm vehicles

WHITBY, ON October 14, 2014

The Regional Municipality of Durham would like to advise residents that fall harvest season is underway, and there may be temporary delays on rural roads due to slow moving farm machinery. Motorists are reminded to be patient and cautious when sharing the road with these vehicles.


Fall harvest season is underway and runs until late November in Durham Region. Farmers often use public roads to get from field to field, both day and night.


Any Regional road in Durham Region.  


In order to protect the safety of farmers and other drivers, motorists are reminded to be patient and cautious when sharing the road with slow moving farm machinery.  

Safety tips to observe when coming across farm machinery on Regional roads include:

  • Watch for farm machinery and recognize slow moving vehicles on the road. Farm machinery come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Look for an orange triangle emblem on the back of any vehicle you do not recognize and use caution.
  • Most farm equipment travels under 40 kilometers per hour. Slow your vehicle as soon as you see farm equipment on the road, and be prepared to stop at all times.
  • Farm vehicles don’t always have brake lights or turn signals, so operators will use standard hand signals to show their intentions.
  • Be aware that farmers with long or wide equipment must sometimes swing wide to make left turns. If a tractor swings to the right, do not attempt to pass. It may still be turning left.
  • The farmer may be unable to pull off the road due to equipment weight or road shoulder conditions. Be patient and wait for a safe opportunity to pass.
  • Give farmers a wide berth when passing. Some farm equipment takes up more than one travel lane. Machinery that is half on the road and half on the shoulder may suddenly move completely onto the road to avoid mailboxes or other obstructions on the shoulder. Often, there are pieces protruding from the tractor, which can be difficult to see. Do not pass and then slow down or stop directly in front of the farm vehicle. Remember that large equipment cannot brake as quickly as a car.


The Regional Municipality of Durham would like to thank motorists for their co-operation on rural roads, until fall harvest season concludes. Please remember to be courteous, just as you would with any other vehicle on the road. Common sense is the primary factor to ensure safe travel.

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For more information, please contact Corporate Communications.