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Public Service Announcement

How to use bus-only and cycling reserved lanes in Ajax

WHITBY, ON October 21, 2014

Reserved “bus-only” lanes, also known as diamond lanes, are now operational along a 1.4 km stretch of Kingston Road (Highway 2) from Harwood Avenue to Salem Road in the Town of Ajax. The Regional Municipality of Durham, Works Department would like to advise drivers of the proper use of these lanes.

The new bus-only lanes are reserved exclusively for Durham Region Transit and GO Transit buses.  The lanes, which are clearly marked with overhead diamond signs and pavement markings, are designed to help buses get through traffic and stay on schedule.  

The use of the bus-only lanes by motorists is prohibited at all times and subject to charges under the Highway Traffic Act.  However, motorists on Highway 2 can enter these lanes to access driveways or turn at intersections by safely merging through the bus lane where white lane markings are dashed. Motorists entering Highway 2 from a driveway are required to exit the bus-only lane as quickly as possible and when safe to do so. Drivers turning onto Highway 2 from an intersecting roadway are required to enter through main travel lanes, not the bus-only lanes.

In addition to the reserved bus-only lanes, Durham has introduced cycling lanes along Kingston Road, from Harwood Avenue to Salem Road, in the Town of Ajax.

Cyclists are reminded to watch for buses pulling to the curb (in the bike lane) to pick up and drop off passengers. Buses must pull to the curb in order for the accessibility ramp to reach the sidewalk. Cyclists should also be mindful of buses when exiting cycling lanes to turn left.

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