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News Release

Health Department promotes fall prevention this November

WHITBY, ON November 01, 2017 – Durham Region Health Department is recognizing Fall Prevention Month this November by coming together with other organizations to co-ordinate fall prevention efforts, and to make an impact while supporting senior residents to stay strong, healthy and injury-free.

“Falls are common among older adults, but are not part of the normal aging process,” explained Sherry Nesbitt, a public health nurse with Durham Region Health Department. “Research shows that one-in-five seniors in Durham Region reported falling within the last year, while almost 40 per cent said they are worried about falling and injuring themselves.” Other research indicates that throughout Canada, falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults and account for $2 billion in direct health care costs every year. A significant amount of seniors will experience a change in their living arrangements because of a fall, with more than one-third being discharged from hospitals to long-term care.

“The good news is that risk factors for falls can be reduced, helping older adults to stay strong and fall-free,” Ms. Nesbitt continued. “There are many ways that you can support older adults in the community, and help to prevent falls and promote healthy, active aging.”

Some actions organizations can take include:

  • Visit, which includes Fall Prevention Month toolkits and other helpful resources to prevent falls and promote healthy, active aging.
  • Check out Positive Steps Work at This free, interactive fall prevention e-course is designed for care providers working with older adults in their homes. The evidence-based course supports care providers to understand various areas of fall prevention including things the effects of a fall on older adults, the risks that lead to a fall and strategies, and tools and community resources to prevent them.

For more information about fall prevention, please call Durham Health Connection Line at 905-666-6241 or 1-800-841-2729, or visit

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