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News Release

Camp X Collection unveiled at Regional Headquarters

WHITBY, ON November 8, 2012 – The Camp X Collection, an exhibit of artifacts depicting the history of a top-secret wartime training school located in Durham Region, has found a new home on the lower level of Durham Regional Headquarters in Whitby.

“Durham Region is pleased to provide the venue to host the Camp X Collection, commemorating an important part of our history,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “With Remembrance Day just around the corner, this exhibit is a great way to raise public awareness of Camp X as part of our regional and national heritage.”

During the Second World War, Camp X (located near Lake Ontario on the Oshawa-Whitby border) served as the training school for Canadian and American secret agents. It was also the site of a sophisticated top-secret communications relay for sensitive information during the war, and continued to operate until 1969.

The Camp X Collection is an exhibit of artifacts donated by Lynn Philip Hodgson, a local historian and author of the book Inside Camp X. The Collection includes items such as maps, signs, forged European currency, a uniform, tools such as a comb with a hidden compass and a suitcase radio, among other items found at Camp X.

“I have spent more than 35 years researching the history of Camp X, and many people are not aware that Durham Region hosted this important military operation,” said Hodgson. “With its new home at Durham Regional Headquarters, the Camp X Collection will educate residents, visitors and students about this fascinating chapter of military special operations training and communications that happened right here in Durham.”

The exhibit was curated by Station Gallery, a local community visual arts centre in Whitby.

“The story of Camp X is the stuff of novels–secret agents, intrigue, deception, enigma, bravery–and incredibly, it all took place in our back yard,” said Donna Raetsen-Kemp, Chief Executive Officer of Station Gallery. “Station Gallery is pleased to play a part in raising awareness of a fascinating chapter in Durham Region’s history.”

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