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Durham Agricultural Advisory Committee (DAAC)

2005 Farm Tour

On September 14, 2005, DAAC hosted its third annual farm tour in the Township of Scugog. The theme of the tour was “The Productive Rural Landscape”. The event showcased six farm operations throughout Scugog Township. Over 100 municipal staff, politicians, educators and the agricultural industry attended. The tour aimed to highlight and raise awareness of the issues affecting the agricultural industry.

The tour included the following destinations:

  • Willow Tree Farm Market – Owners Rod & Marlene McKay, originally ran a cattle operation and now a growing farm market operation since 1990. They farm 200 acres in crops including corn, squash, beans, pick your own strawberries, raspberries and pumpkins. Besides their home farm market they also sell produce at local farmer’s markets as well as throughout Toronto. The labour intensive business employs approximately 45 people, mainly local and some off-shore workers.

  • Wolhart Farm – Owned by John Wolters (DAAC member) and his wife Tina, since 1959. This 115 acres farm was a dairy operation until 1986 when they switched to a black angus beef operation.

  • Youngfield Farms – Owners Ivan and Brian DeJong, operate a field crop business and broiler chicken operation. On a total of 19 properties, 3,000 acres of crops, they produce corn, soy beans and fall wheat. 425,000 broiler chickens per year are produced under contract for Swiss Chalet. The DeJongs have invested in scientific farming with site specific mapping of their crop yields using GPS technology.

  • Frew Farm -– Owners Don Frew and sons have spanned the generations in farming, beginning their operation as a tobacco farm in 1960. In 1961 they began working with new grain corn varieties and now have 4,000 acres in corn, soya beans and winter wheat produced. They also run a 300 sow farrow to finish hog operation and process about 6,000 hogs per year though a sophisticated temperature and ventilation control system required to ensure the health of the young animals.

  • Lamrock’s Country Garden – Owners by Cecil and Marion Lamrock, on only 1.5 acres grow more than 200 varieties of miniature and other roses, heuchera, astilbe and hosta. The Lamrocks have grown roses for more than 40 years.

  • Ocala Orchard Farm Winery – Owners Irwin and Alissa Smith began the winery in 1995 on a farm that has been in the Smith name since 1915. The farm consists of 15 acres of orchard fruits, 20 acres of grapes and 3 acres of berries to produce the award winning fruit wines.