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Durham Agricultural Advisory Committee (DAAC)

2006 Farm Tour

On September 15, 2006, DAAC hosted its fourth annual farm tour. The Tour showcased six farms within the Towns of Ajax and Whitby. Over 100 participants were bused to each location for a first-hand look at the Region's agricultural industry, and to experience the unique challenges and opportunities of the following near-urban farmers:

  • Wintermere Sod Growers Inc., Ajax - Family owned since 1920, formerly mixed farming and dairy, switched to sod and vegetables in 1990;

  • Greendale Farms, Brooklin - Family owned since 1926, originally farmed dairy and beef, now raise sheep and supply hay to horse farms;

  • Runnymede Farm Operations, Ajax - Cash crop operation growing mixed grains, oats, soybean, wheat and corn, supplying markets in Europe and Asia;

  • Stroud's Farm, Ajax/Whitby - Originally in cattle business, now concentrates on direct marketing of horticultural crops through two retail locations in Durham;

  • Reidell Farms, Ashburn - Previously a cattle operation, now cash crops including corn, soy, barley and hay. Diversification also includes boarding horses, providing riding lessons, breeding border collies and operating a dog grooming service;

  • O'Connor Land and Cattle Co., Ajax - Family farm since 1832, this dairy operation consists of 300 head of cattle. Crops include corn, alfalfa, hay, wheat and edible beans for commodity markets.