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Durham Agricultural Advisory Committee (DAAC)

2007 Farm Tour

On September 28, 2007, DAAC hosted its fifth annual farm tour. The event had over one hundred participants representing government, public agencies and the public.

The tour was entitled “The Agricultural Heartland” and focused on the Township of Brock, showcasing three farms, a peat producer and a co-op:

  • Gowanlea Ltd. - Family owned/operated since 1940. Initially a dairy farm, the operation was converted in 2004 to grain and oilseed production growing corn, soybean and wheat on approximately 6,200 acres.

  • Teledale Farms - Family owned/operated dairy farm since 1958. This 350 acre farm employs a 'no till' method, produces corn, hay and barley to feed 230 head of cattle with 90 pure bread holsteins delivering 2,500 litres of milk per day.

  • Sweet Dove Herbs - Organic herbs have been grown on this 7 acre farm since 1995. Over 20 different varieties are used to produce a variety of herbal tea blends for improved health, and herbal creams to treat skin ailments.

  • Pefferlaw Peat Products, Inc. – This peat extraction operation harvests all natural black earth (peat humus) and peat moss (fibre) from a bog located on the operator’s property and packages a variety of garden and potting soils, peat and mineral and organic mulches, supplying primarily independent retailers in the GTA.

  • Sunderland Co-operative Inc. – A co-operative established in 1950, is member owned (approximately 1,800 members) that provides a full range of services in retail, crops, feed, grain and petroleum products to east-central Ontario.