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Durham Environmental Advisory Committee

Durham Environmental Advisory Committee (DEAC)

About the Environmental Achievement Awards

As part of its commitment toward community outreach and stewardship, DEAC established the Environmental Achievement Awards Program in 2003, to recognize and acknowledge the environmental achievements of individuals and organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors within Durham Region.

The six award categories were named in memory of past environmental leaders, and include:

  1. George A. Scott Stewardship Award: for the maintenance, protection, or preservation of the natural environment.
  2. Dr. J. Murray Speirs Restoration Award: for the restoration of degraded natural environments (such as through habitats improvement).
  3. Irene Kock Education/Communication Award: for fostering effective communications, sharing knowledge, or exhibiting leadership in helping others to learn about the natural environment.
  4. Eric Krause Innovative Plans/Policies/Initiatives Award: for forward-thinking efforts to encourage positive change with respect to the natural environment.
  5. Jessica Markland Partnerships Award: for co-operative efforts to enhance the environment involving public, community and private interests.
  6. Evylin Stroud Lifetime Achievement Award: for the continued promotion of the protection of the environment, through small, but meaningful ways.