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Durham Environmental Advisory Committee

Durham Environmental Advisory Committee (DEAC)

Role and Purpose

The Durham Environmental Advisory Committee (DEAC) is a volunteer advisory committee.

Council of the Region of Durham established DEAC to provide advice on environmental planning matters, as expressed in the Durham Regional Official Plan.

DEAC provides advice to Regional Planning Committee and staff on environmental issues affecting Durham Region.

TheTerms of Reference (PDF) describes a scope of activities with the aim of balancing matters referred from the Regional Planning Committee and Regional Planning Department with matters identified by DEAC.

The Advisory Committee meets regularly, on the second Thursday of every month.

DEAC accomplishments include:

  • Establishing an Environmental Achievement Awards program to recognize significant contributions made by individuals and organizations in creating, maintaining or promoting a healthy environment.
  • Participating in the review of Environmental Impact Studies submitted in support of Regional Official Plan Amendment applications.
  • Providing representation on Stakeholder Advisory Committees for various Environmental Assessment Studies.
  • Providing advice to the Region on various environmental planning issues.
  • Developing an environmental information guide entitled Natural Areas as Neighbours (PDF).
  • Hosting Land Stewardship Workshops with other partners.
  • Developing a Region of Durham Natural Features Map (PDF).