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Oak Ridges Moraine

Oak Ridges Moraine - Report

Oak Ridges Moraine, Proposals for the Protection and Management of a Unique Landscape - Results of Public Participation and Recommendation - Final Report

Durham Regional Council has endorsed the above-noted Tri-Regional report. The report
summarizes the results of the Regions public consultation process, proposes refined strategic direction for the protection of the Moraine and comments on the Provincial consultation booklet Share Your Vision for the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Background Information

The Oak Ridges Moraine- Proposals for the Protection and Management of a Unique Landscape -May 2001 -Draft

On May 23, 2001, Durham Regional Council released a Strategic Directions paper on the Oak Ridges Moraine for public comment and input.

What is this Strategic Directions paper all about?

"The Oak Ridges Moraine - Proposals for the Protection and Management of a Unique Landscape, May 2001" (PDF - 2MB) paper is a collaborative effort by the Oak Ridges Moraine Partnership, which includes the Regions of Durham, Peel and York, the Counties of Simcoe, Peterborough, Dufferin and Northhumberland, the City of Kawartha Lakes, the nine Conservation Authorities having jurisdiction on the Moraine (also called the Alliance) and three Province of Ontario Ministries MMAH (Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing), MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) and MOE (Ministry of the Environment).

Building on the Regional Official Plan policies already in place in the three Regions, the strategic directions paper focuses on four areas - hydrogeology, natural heritage data management, policy development and securement - where the Regions feel further work and policy development will assist in better protecting and managing the features and functions of the Moraine.

  • Hydrogeology – where the paper identifies the interrelationship between ground and surface water functions and proposes a co-ordinated and consolidated approach to gathering, analysing, and managing hydrogeology data and formulating policy to protect groundwater resources.
  • Natural Heritage Data Management System - where proposals are included to create a co-ordinated accessible data management system with common data standards in order to provide better analysis, predictive ability and monitoring.
  • Policy Development - where the paper proposes improvements to the Provincial Policy Statement and the Regional Official Plans and recommends policy direction recommended in this section should be valid for all jurisdictions not just for the Oak Ridges Moraine.
  • Securement – where the paper proposes a consistent, co-ordinated approach to securement activity, through a broad range of securement tools such as: starting with protection from development by policy, a stewardship program to assist landowners in the conservation of their land, and ultimately, if these mechanisms fail, a land acquisition program is proposed.

The May 2001 Strategic Directions follows a previous 1999 Background Paper (PDF - 4MB) which put forward a case and a process for the Province, the Regions and other interested parties to work together towards a long term strategy for the Moraine.

How are the Regions promoting discussions on these proposals?

In order to obtain comments on the Strategic Directions paper, the Regions held a series of public open houses, information meetings and a stakeholder symposium. At each of these meetings a number of facilitated discussion groups were organized. The idea was to give each of the participants an opportunity to raise any concerns that they had relating to the Moraine.

Our facilitators and scribes were careful to record all comments using the participants' own words as this was the best way for us ensure that we captured their ideas accurately. A "What Was Heard" document from each of these meetings is available. View a summary of the participation at these meetings.