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Regional Cycling Plan

Do you enjoy cycling Durham Region's picturesque waterfronts, rolling hills and tourist destinations? Whether you're an avid cyclist, a commuter cyclist, or a family that simply wants to enjoy time together, the Region's cycling plan is helping to make that possible.

When it was introduced in 2008, the initial plan identified key Regional roads that could be used by cyclists, providing links between our urban and rural communities. In November 2012, Durham Regional Council approved an updated plan focusing on the development of a broader region-wide cycling network. The network, proposed facility treatment types and phasing are illustrated in the following maps:

For ease of reference, a working consolidation (PDF) has been prepared. Any interpretation of the policies and directions contained within this consolidation should be undertaken in consultation with Regional staff.

Cycling Communications Strategy

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To complement Durham's Regional Cycling Plan, a three-year Regional Cycling Communications Plan has been developed to: provide support for current cyclists; encourage more people to cycle; and educate cyclist and motorists on how they can safely share the road. Visit the new Cycle Durham website for more information.