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Transportation Tomorrow Survey

The Regional Municipality of Durham, along with 19 other regional, county and single-tier municipal governments across most of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, has participated in the 2011 Transportation Tomorrow Survey (TTS). The purpose of the TTS is to collect information on the travel behaviour and patterns of residents during a typical weekday. The TTS is a fundamental source of data used for long-range planning initiatives and the improvement of transportation facilities.

The 2011 TTS was conducted over two time periods, with the first starting on Sept. 6 through to December 2011, and the second between September and December 2012. Pre-interview letters, which explain the TTS in detail, were sent out to a randomly selected sample of households prior to being contacted by phone. A five per cent sample of households was targeted throughout the survey area, which represents approximately 11,000 households in the Region of Durham. The TTS can be completed by phone or online. Participants were asked questions about the trips made on a particular weekday by the members of their household, and supporting statistical information. All information collected will be kept strictly confidential and cannot be traced to an individual household.

The 2011 TTS is the sixth survey to be conducted by the University of Toronto’s Data Management Group, with support from participating municipalities, the Ministry of Transportation, Metrolinx/GO Transit and the Toronto Transit Commission. The TTS is timed to coincide with the Census of Canada (e.g., 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011) so that general relationships can be formulated regarding transportation and household characteristics.

More information on the 2011 TTS can be obtained from the Transportation Tomorrow Survey web site. The survey results are expected to be available in fall 2013.

Results from the previous TTS (2006) can be found in the following reports:

Commissioner’s Report 2008-P-14 (PDF) (February 19, 2008) summarizes the preliminary results of the 2006 TTS for the Region of Durham.

Commissioner’s Report 2009-P-70 (PDF) (October 20, 2009) summarizes the 2006 TTS survey results for municipal ward boundaries within the Region of Durham.