The Regional Municipality of Durham

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Durham Regional Council holds its first meeting for the 2014 to 2018 term

WHITBY, ON December 03, 2014

Today, The Regional Municipality of Durham held its first council meeting for the 2014 to 2018 term of Regional Council. All 29 elected representatives were officially sworn in, before members of council voted to determine who would represent the Region on its four Standing Committees and the Durham Regional Police Services Board. 


Roger Anderson was sworn in as the first directly elected Regional Chair, an individual who represents approximately 645,000 residents who live in Durham Region. Anderson acts as the head of Durham Regional Council and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation; presides over all meetings of Regional Council; is a member of all standing committees; promotes and advances the Regional position on matters; represents Durham Region on various boards, committees and organizations; and other significant duties.


There are 28 members of Durham Regional Council who are elected within the eight area municipalities, including the mayor of each municipality.


Councillor Steve Parish (Mayor)

Councillor Shaun Collier

Councillor Colleen Jordan


Councillor John Grant (Mayor)

Councillor Ted Smith


Councillor Adrian Foster (Mayor)

Councillor Joe Neal

Councillor Willie Woo


Councillor John Henry (Mayor)

Councillor John Aker

Councillor Dan Carter

Councillor Bob Chapman

Councillor Nancy Diamond

Councillor Amy England

Councillor John Neal

Councillor Nester Pidwerbecki


Councillor Dave Ryan (Mayor)

Councillor Bill McLean

Councillor Jennifer O’Connell

Councillor David Pickles


Councillor Tom Rowett (Mayor)

Councillor Bobbie Drew


Councillor Gerri Lynn O’Connor (Mayor)

Councillor Jack Ballinger


Councillor Don Mitchell (Mayor)

Councillor Lorne Coe

Councillor Joe Drumm

Councillor Elizabeth Roy


Please note that Regional Chair Anderson is a member of all four standing committees.

Finance & Administration

Chair: Councillor Chapman

Councillor Collier

Councillor Diamond

Councillor Drew

Councillor Foster

Councillor O’Connell

Councillor Roy

Health & Social Services 

Chair: Councillor Coe

Councillor Carter

Councillor Drumm

Councillor England

Councillor Joe Neal

Councillor Pickles

Councillor Smith

Planning & Economic Development          

Chair: Councillor O’Connor

Councillor Aker

Councillor Henry

Councillor Mitchell

Councillor Parish

Councillor Rowett

Councillor Ryan


Chair: Councillor Pidwerbecki

Councillor Ballinger

Councillor Grant

Councillor Jordan

Councillor McLean

Councillor John Neal

Councillor Woo


The Durham Regional Police Services Board (DRPSB) is the civilian body that governs the management of the police service. As mandated by the Ontario Police Services Act, the DRPSB consists of seven members: three appointed by the Province of Ontario and four chosen by Regional Council. For more information about the DRPSB, please visit

Regional Chair Anderson and councillors Drew and McLean were appointed, by Regional Council, to the DRPSB.

To learn more about Durham Region, or the responsibilities of council, please visit

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