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Regional Council approves 2014 Business Plans and Budgets and related Property Tax Rates

WHITBY, ON February 12, 2014 – Durham Regional Council today approved the 2014 Regional Business Plans and Budgets for property-tax-supported purposes and the 2014 Property Tax Rates, during its meeting at Regional Headquarters. The 2014 Business Plans and Budgets, totalling approximately $1 billion, will provide essential services and investment in needed capital infrastructure to the Region's approximately 640,000 residents.

"This budget delivers continued high-quality programs and services that directly enhance the quality of life in our region," said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. "Each dollar collected via property taxes is helping to build and strengthen our community."

As a result of these plans and budgets, residents will see an average 1.5 per cent increase on the Regional portion of their property tax bill, which means about $36 on an average home assessed at $329,900.

"Taxpayer affordability was the top priority. Therefore, it was very positive to see the final budget reduced to a 1.5 per cent increase; well below the council guideline of 2.35 per cent," said Regional Councillor Don Mitchell, Chair of the Finance & Administration Committee. "This budget maintains existing service levels in all departments, allocates new funding for police infrastructure, includes numerous transit service improvements, and positions the Region well into 2015 and beyond."

Budget highlights include improvements to the Region's road and bridge networks; capital funding for a new land ambulance station; debt charges for the Durham Regional Police Service Clarington Phase 1 building; initiatives to help increase emergency response capabilities; enhancement of transit services; completion and occupancy of the newly rebuilt Fairview Lodge (long-term care home); and further waste management initiatives. Water and sewer services are not included in the property tax budget, as they are funded on a user-pay basis.

"This business plan and budget maintains service levels, while also investing in council-identified priorities," said Jim Clapp, Commissioner of Finance. "Not only is funding available for current Regional programs and services, but the corporation has continued to develop business plans and budgets that reflect the fundamentals of our Triple A credit ratings, to ensure the financial viability for future plans."

This spring, the Finance Department will distribute a newsletter to each home in Durham Region, which outlines the services funded from the 2014 Regional portion of residents' property tax bills. For more information on Regional responsibilities, including programs and services, visit

The Region's 2014 Property Tax Regional Business Plans and Budgets include:

Residents are reminded that the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) sets an assessed value for each individual property. Questions about property valuation should addressed by MPAC at 1-866-296-6722 or


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