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Region moves forward with development of new strategic plan

WHITBY, ON August 24, 2015

The Regional Municipality of Durham is currently renewing its five-year strategic plan—a guiding document that will to help identify priorities for Regional Council, while creating a framework for the organization’s service planning and delivery.
“A critical role of Regional Council is to provide leadership and vision; we need to outline the principles that should be considered when making our decisions,” said Roger Anderson, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer. “As elected representatives, we need to think about how the choices of today may impact the residents of tomorrow.”
The strategic planning process is being led by the Durham Region Strategic Plan Steering Committee—a group of four Regional councillors and two senior staff members from the Region. Residents will be invited to participate in public consultations, which will be available online or in-person at specific locations throughout the region.
“This is a great opportunity for residents from across the region to let us know what they like about Durham, the challenges they are facing, and what they would like to change,” said Regional Councillor Adrian Foster, Chair of the Durham Region Strategic Plan Steering Committee. “It is important to ensure that the strategies we develop for the next five years represent the needs of our stakeholders, as their input is vital to the success of this plan and the future of our region."
A special council meeting was held in June, as a first step in a broad consultation process, to help determine key trends and strategic directions. It included many key stakeholders from across the region, such as councillors, representatives from the business community and members of the public.
“The current strategic plan has provided an excellent road map; allowing us to adapt to changing times and a growing population,” said Garry Cubitt, Chief Administrative Officer. “Our goal is to once again utilize the feedback from our community to develop a collective vision that reflects regional priorities and objectives.”
Following public consultations, a draft plan will be developed and be made available for review by those who participated in the consultation process. 
The current “Durham Region Strategic Plan 2009-2014” is available at, under the “About the Region” heading.

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