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Durham celebrates 100-metric-tonne milestone for curbside battery recycling

WHITBY, ON November 03, 2015

Durham Region has officially recycled more than 100 metric tonnes of household batteries through its award-winning curbside battery collection program. The milestone was officially reached this week during the fall collection.

“This is a great achievement, made possible by the efforts of our residents, staff and program partners—Raw Materials Company Inc., Stewardship Ontario, Green For Life and Miller Waste,” said Cliff Curtis, Commissioner of Works. “Durham Region was the first regional municipality in Canada to offer such an extensive curbside battery collection program, and I am thrilled to see its continued success. One hundred metric tonnes of batteries have been saved from the waste stream—recovering metal components and keeping mercury, cadmium and other harmful materials from entering the environment. Hats off to Durham residents for their ongoing participation in this program!”

Batteries in a bag for collection

Durham Region first launched curbside battery recycling in 2012 as a pilot program. After an enthusiastic response from residents, the Region set out to break the existing record for the most batteries collected in a 24-hour period. In November 2012, Durham shattered the existing record, collecting 5120 kilograms of batteries and earning a Guinness World Record. The program was made permanent in 2013, with curbside battery collection taking place twice a year, in the spring and fall. Residents should visit, check their waste collection calendar or the Durham Waste App to find when the next collection date is.

Collected batteries are processed by Raw Materials Company Inc. in Port Colbourne, Ont., where steel, zinc, potassium and manganese are recovered.

To learn more about curbside battery recycling in Durham Region, visit

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