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Regional Council to pilot Committee of the Whole governance structure for remainder of Council term

WHITBY, ON June 08, 2016

Regional Council today approved a pilot program to establish a Committee of the Whole governance structure. The trial period for this committee structure will take effect as of September 2016 through to the end of the current Council term in November 2018. A review of the pilot program will take place in June 2018.

During the pilot program, all items that would typically be deliberated at the Region’s standing committees, or joint committees, will instead be considered at monthly scheduled Committee of the Whole meetings, which will be scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month at 9 a.m. at Regional Headquarters. Paper and electronic versions of Committee of the Whole agenda materials will be made available on the Wednesday preceding the committee meeting. Council agendas will be made available on the Friday preceding the Regional Council meeting. The Regional Chair will preside over the meetings of Committee of the Whole, with the current Chairs and Vice-Chairs presiding over their respective section of the agenda.

The new committee meetings structure will result in a number of benefits, including:

• Reducing the number of individual committee meetings, and the number of days, on which committees meet.

• Allowing all Regional Councillors to participate fully in discussions and votes on all recommendations to Regional Council.

• Improving efficiencies to facilitate the launch of an electronic agenda management system.

Further, members of the public may benefit from having the opportunity to address all members of Regional Council at once rather than a smaller group of standing committee members.

The Region of Durham has used the standing committee structure that is currently in place since its inception in 1974. Since that time, there have been minimal changes to the structure.

The schedule of Committee of the Whole meetings for the duration of the pilot program will be available online at

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