The Regional Municipality of Durham

Public Service Announcement

Durham reminds residents to safely dispose of Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste

WHITBY, ON November 09, 2016

The Regional Municipality of Durham, Works Department is reminding residents to ensure Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) is disposed of safely.


MHSW includes everyday household products that are corrosive, poisonous, toxic or flammable. Examples of MHSW include (but are not limited to):

All aerosol containers (such as furniture polish, hairspray, etc.)


Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste should be dropped off at a Waste Management Facility for safe disposal, free of charge (when delivered separately from other waste). Find one near you at There are also free collection events throughout the year; learn more at MHSW is not accepted in any of the Region’s curbside collection programs; please do not put them in the garbage or blue box.


Residents can also use Stewardship Ontario’s Orange Drop website ( to find local locations to drop off MHSW.


The Region of Durham strongly encourages the diversion of MHSW by providing convenient locations for drop off. By disposing of these materials properly and not putting them in the garbage or pouring them down drains and sewers, you are helping to protect the environment. Many of the materials collected are reprocessed, refurbished or reused to make new products.


Learn more at, or download the Durham Region Waste app.

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For more information, please contact Corporate Communications.