The Regional Municipality of Durham

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Sanitary sewer 'smoke testing' in Cannington

WHITBY, ON October 16, 2017

The Regional Municipality of Durham, Works Department would like to advise Cannington residents that it will be conducting smoke testing on the sanitary sewer system.


October 23 through November 3, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.


The community of Cannington, within the Township of Brock.


“Smoke tests” consists of blowing a harmless white vapour into sewer maintenance holes and pipes, then observing where the smoke exits from the system. The smoke is expected to exit primarily out of maintenance hole covers on the street and the sewer plumbing stack at the top of each house. The smoke used in the test is non-toxic, has no odour, and will disperse after a few minutes.

The purpose of the testing is to identify areas where storm sewers and sanitary sewers are connected via roof leaders, foundation drains, yard drains and/or catch basins. This information will help the Region of Durham to evaluate the sources of surface water inflow and where possible, identify possible repairs within the sewer system.


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