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Residents encouraged to review their immunization history during National Immunization Awareness Week

WHITBY, ON April 23, 2015

Durham Region Health Department will mark National Immunization Awareness Week, April 25 to May 2, reminding residents of the importance of reviewing their immunization history and ensuring they are up-to-date on their vaccines.

“Vaccines protect you from harm; think of it like wearing a seatbelt while driving or applying sunscreen when you’re outdoors,” explained Stephen Rew, a public health nurse with the Health Department. “Vaccine preventable diseases are easily spread; you can come into contact with harmful germs and be unaware. In the past few years there have been cases of measles, mumps and pertussis in Durham Region and throughout Canada. Even one case of measles can spread quickly when people are not vaccinated. By keeping immunization up-to-date, residents can protect themselves and help reduce the spread of these diseases.”

Routine immunizations or booster doses are needed to develop protection or remain protected against certain diseases. Immunization also helps to protect the people around you. Adults and caregivers can often be the source of disease, such as whooping cough in young children.

Adults may also require certain types of vaccines depending on personal factors such as age, health status, lifestyle, travel habits and type of work. In addition, some employers and post-secondary schools may require your immunization record upon employment or admission. The Health Department encourages everyone to locate their immunization record and to make an appointment with their healthcare provider to see if a booster may be necessary.

Durham residents can also keep track of their family’s immunizations by using a free immunization app from Immunize Canada. This app is personalized to the individual and provides vaccine information and recommendations for people of all ages, as well as travelers. Appointment reminders and local outbreak alerts are also two useful features of this new app. A link to the ImmunizeCA app and other immunization information is available at

For more information on immunization, call Durham Health Connection Line at 905-666-6241 or 1-800-841-2729.

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