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New resource supports positive mental health in adults

WHITBY, ON January 30, 2015

Durham Region Health Department has now launched “Mental Health is for Everyone”, a new resource to help promote positive mental health in adults.

According to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, one in five people will have a mental illness in their lifetime. “It’s important to recognize that although others may not have a diagnosed mental illness in their lifetime, many still struggle with their mental health,” explained Jenn Sullivan, a public health nurse with the Health Department. “Whether or not a person has a mental illness, it’s important for everyone to take care of their mental health.”

This new resource offers adults practical tips on ways to improve their mental health. “Small steps can help whether it’s something as simple as going for a 10-minute walk, talking with a friend or trying to go to bed an hour earlier, we can all find ways to improve our mental health,” Ms. Sullivan added. “Mental health is for everyone and we can all benefit when we learn the facts and take simple measures to improve the way we feel.”

Mental health is not the same as mental illness. Mental illness is when a person is diagnosed with a problem that alters their thinking, mood or behaviour. Examples of this include depression and anxiety disorder. Ms. Sullivan noted that “we all have highs and lows in our mental health. A low period does not mean you have a mental illness. It’s normal to have feelings like anger, sadness or anxiety when facing challenges.

“Mental health is about how we think, feel and act. When our mental health is good it helps us to get the most out of life. Good mental health is important for everyone as it helps us to cope with life’s stresses and reach our goals.”

For more information about mental health in adults, see this new resource by visiting our Mental Health section.

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