Our Logo

The Region’s logo was adopted as the corporate logo, by Regional Council, in September 1975. It was created to provide an eye-pleasing design, while also capturing the essence of Durham Region itself.

At that time, the main focus of the logo was the capital letter “D”, which is enhanced by eight tracks around it (one for each of the local municipalities). The straight line on the left outlines the fixed boundary on the western side of our Region. To outline the area’s future potential, the “D” swings firmly to the right and upwards–representing the eastern and northern municipalities.

Durham Region Logo

Durham Region logo.

At the time, the logo was designed to represent the social and economic factors in our area. Some noted it was designed to highlight the industrial core that made our region so strong, while others felt it focused on agriculture, with the white bands representing the lines that are created when a farmer’s field is ploughed or harvested.

Although still in use today, the logo has undergone a number of edits. A new format, encompassing the word “Durham Region” within the design, was approved by Regional Council in February 1994. In October 1999, Regional Council made further revisions, which resulted in the logo we use today.