Office of the Regional Chair / CAO

Regional Chair and CEO

The Regional Chair is the head of Regional Council and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Corporation. The Regional Chair presides over all meetings of the Regional Council and is a member of all standing committees. An important function of the Regional Chair is to promote and advance the Regional position. As part of this position, the Regional Chair meets regularly with representatives and residents to ensure that they are aware of issues and actions within Durham Region, and to also understand their concerns. The Chair represents the various boards, committees and organizations. Profile of the Regional Chair and CEO

Chief Administrative Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer is the most senior staff person in the Region of Durham and reports to Regional Council, working in close collaboration with the Regional Chair. He is responsible for the overall management of the Regional organization, and for ensuring that policy development is completed for presentation to Council, and subsequently its implementation and administration. All of the departments within the Region report directly to the Chief Administrative Officer and he is responsible for ensuring that Council directives are co-ordinated between Departments and any relevant outside agencies. A critical responsibility of the Chief Administrative Officer is to ensure that all operations in the organization are conducted within the timeframe of the values and goals of the corporation. In addition, the Chief Administrative Officer liaises with other government agencies, provincial and municipal, to provide Regional Council with the necessary comprehensive information they require to develop plans and policies. Profile of the CAO

Corporate Mission

Meeting the needs of the Durham Community through leadership, cooperation and service excellence.

Durham Region's Corporate Values

Regional Council