Employee Testimonials

Here's what our employees have to say about their experiences working at the Region:

A Regional employee sets up a computer at a workstation. A regional employee stands infront of a landscape he helped to plan.
A regional employee gives a presentation on preparing for an interview. A Regional employee assists a man with engineering drawings at the Works Department reception.
A Regional employee assists a resident using a walker in one of the Region's long-term care homes. A Regional employee helps an individual with a computer program.
A Regional employee sits with several children putting a puzzle together in one of the Region's child-care centres. A Regional employee places a marker on a scale to identify the number of followers on the Region's social media Twitter account.
A Regional employee sits in Durham Region's Council Chambers at a computer keyboard to record proceedings. A Regional employee stands at the front of a courtroom.
A Regional employee sets up a computer at a workstation.

Michelle - Systems Support Specialist

I work in the Information Technology (IT) Division, here at the Region of Durham, as a System Support Specialist. Typically, I spend my day providing desktop support to Regional employees, which can involve fixing software/hardware problems, installing new programs, trouble-shooting and much more. I consider myself a "people person," so I enjoy that my job allows me to meet new people and talk to different staff members each day.

The best part of my job is seeing the happy, and relieved, looks on my co-workers' faces when I have solved their IT problem. I take pride in knowing that it is my job to keep staff's desktops up and running, so they can do their job effectively.

I feel very fortunate to work at a place like Durham Region – an organization that promotes a healthy work-life balance. Besides providing stability, competitive salaries and benefits, the Region offers a number of internal courses on a variety of topics. I have participated in many exercise classes over the four years I have worked here, and I am currently working towards my Strategic Thinking Certificate.

I see myself working at the Region of Durham for many more years to come!

A Regional employee stands in front of a landscape that he helped to plan.

Dwayne - Department of Planning & Economic Development

Durham Region is fortunate enough to have a mix of urban areas with a wide range of housing and business opportunities as well as culture-rich rural areas with a strong agriculture economy and scenic natural environment.

As a Planner for the Region, my responsibility is to create complete communities in all areas and I enjoy working with the diverse landscapes in each of the eight area municipalities.

I also enjoy working with the residents and business owners to create and shape a healthy Durham for present and future generations.

No two work days are ever the same and I enjoy being part of creating a Region for all people to live, work and prosper!

A regional employee gives a presentation on how to prepare for an interview.

Gavin - HR Consultant

I am a Human Resources Consultant at Durham Region, providing services to Durham Region Transit staff. Within this division, I offer a variety of human resources related services, including recruiting, candidate selection and advising management on various human resources functions.

Working for the Region of Durham has allowed me to learn about many different career paths and jobs. It is rare to find an organization that offers such a wide variety of different sectors and industries, all under one roof. This provides an opportunity for many different experiences, all within the one organization.

I believe that one of the Region's four core competencies–Effective Interpersonal Communication–is particularity important to the Human Resources Division. Building working relationships with colleagues and clients is imperative to furthering the goals of the organization.

It is also great being able to work for the Region as it is a large organization that maintains a small-town feel. Durham Region is a great place to raise a family, which is why I enjoy working for the community I call home.

Tracey - Technical Assistant

One of the best things about my job is the people I work with. Coming in to work each day, to an excellent group of colleagues, makes your day that much more enjoyable. I work as a Technical Assistant in the Works Department, which requires a lot of interaction with Durham Region residents and clients. I assist the general public, builders, real estate agents, land appraisers and law firms by investigating and leading them in the right direction, depending upon the request or issue. It is rewarding for me to witness the relief on the client's face after I helped to solve their problem – especially in a time of crisis, such as a failing septic system!

The Region of Durham offers many opportunities for growth and development within the workplace, but they are also very supportive in assisting people with personal goals and self-improvement, such as eating healthy or quitting smoking. The Region is also willing to try new things like bicycles made available for staff to use – encouraging an active lifestyle.

Working with external clients and interacting with staff requires strong communication skills. I believe that building positive working relationships, along with effective communication, makes complicated processes run smoothly. The Region is responsible for many crucial services, including many from the Works Department, so it is important to me that procedures for our customers run as smoothly as possible. I work hard to ensure our clients and the residents of Durham Region walk away with a good feeling about our services and the organization.

A Regional employee assists a resident using a walker in one of the Region's long-term care homes.

Frances - Adjuvant

I am, and have always been, a people person. I take joy in helping others, and when my life took a new, unexpected turn in my later years, I knew I wanted to go back to school to be in a career I was passionate about. That's how I became an Adjuvant at Hillsdale Terraces – one of the Region's long-term care homes. I work alongside the Physiotherapist, assisting residents with their strength and flexibility through cognitive group exercises; help residents who are in bed or a wheel chair with their range of motion; deliver prescribed hot packs; keep documentation up-to-date on each of the residents in my area; and maintain a bright and cheerful environment for the residents' enjoyment.

I am always searching for education that will enhance my skills, so I can provide the best care for our residents. I embrace change, and believe that innovation and continuous learning are extremely important in my area of work. It is important to me that we are always looking for improved ways of doing things. The Region is inline with this way of thinking, and I very much appreciate the support of my supervisor and manager in seeking out further education, attending courses and seminars, sitting on committees, etc.

Being part of, and celebrating, our residents' successes is the most rewarding aspect of my job. It is a wonderful feeling being apart of their accomplishments, and knowing I have made a difference in someone's life.

A Regional employee helps an individual with a computer program.

Jennifer - HRIS Specialist

As a Human Resources Information Systems Specialist, I have a variety of duties. I run various processes on our internal human resources online system; correct errors relating to job information in order to ensure pay will process correctly; write reports/queries and forecasts for staff; and implement solutions to issues staff are having.

The nature of my job means I get to know employees at all levels across the Region. I troubleshoot problems and try to find ways to implement new processes that help make people's jobs more efficient and less tedious.

Inline with the Region's core competencies, I value embracing innovation and learning. A big part of my job is continuous improvement and thinking strategically in relation to our business processes and online system. I am continually seeking new and better ways to do things through automation and innovation.

As a new mother, I am grateful for the short commute (as I also live within Durham Region) and the flexible work hours. I also appreciate the Yoga and Pilates classes the Region offers during our lunch hour–providing me a chance to get away from my desk and save me time after work hours.

Working at the Region for almost 13 years, in various positions within the Human Resources Department, I have been able to achieve both my career and personal goals.

A Regional employee sits with several children putting a puzzle together in one of the Region's child-care centres.

Lisa - Assistant Supervisor, Child Care

I work as an Assistant Supervisor at the Whitby Child Care Centre–one of seven Regionally operated child-care centres. I am responsible for the junior and senior kindergarten children–helping to prepare them for school through a specialized curriculum and program planning.

I got into the child-care field because of my love for teaching, which is why I find the educational aspect of my position so rewarding. It is personally enriching to work with a diverse clientele all who have personalized expectations. We are all working towards a shared goal of ensuring their child is in a safe and happy environment, where they can learn and develop.

I feel fortunate to work for an organization that shares my values of a healthy work/life balance. I have worked my way up to an Assistant Supervisor position, which I felt prepared and suited for, because of the Region's extended learning opportunities, such as the Developing Management Skills Certificate. I am happy in the position I currently hold and it allows me the time and energy I need for my family, after work hours.

As an Assistant Supervisor, it is important to me that I model leadership to the other staff on my team, as well as make customer service a priority. After all, families trust their children in my care. At the end of each day, I feel satisfaction knowing that I am making a positive difference with each child and within the community I also call home!

A Regional employee places a marker on a scale to identify the number of followers on the Region's social media Twitter account.

Jennifer - Communications Coordinator, Social Media

The Communications Co-ordinator – Social Media position is a fairly new job to the Region of Durham, and I was happy to take on the challenge. A typical day for me involves using the Region's social media channels–YouTube, Twitter and Facebook–to interact with residents by sharing important information about our programs and services. In addition, a very significant part of my day involves working on upcoming social media campaigns and meeting with various staff across the organization to discuss how we can use social media to reach their target audience.

The communications field is changing quickly, and social media is representative of the increasingly innovative ways that we can communicate with the Durham Region community, specifically online. I enjoy strategically planning how we can best leverage our existing content to make it interesting and relevant to the "fans" and "followers" (people who consume our social media content).

Part of my job that I like the most is being able to work with different departments across the Region. Each department, division, office, etc. has unique needs and it has been rewarding for me; learning to adapt my skills to meet them.

I value working in an environment where I am given some freedom to be creative, and where I am encouraged to look for more efficient and innovative ways to do my job.

A Regional employee sits in Durham Region's Council Chambers at a computer keyboard to record proceedings.

Maria - Administrative Assistant

As the Administrative Assistant to the Regional Clerk, I am responsible for a number of items surrounding Regional Council including minute taking during council, preparing the council agendas and minutes, completing research requests, providing secretariat support to Regional Council and Committees and much more. I am in the midst of the action here at the Region, and I enjoy being on top of what is making news and affecting the residents of Durham Region.

Throughout my six years working at Durham Region, I have had many opportunities to grow professionally, including graduating from the Municipal Administrative Program. In addition, my work location, Regional Headquarters, is a new, modern facility that provides a positive working environment for all staff.

The nature of the work we do in the Legislative Services Department is public-based, so I know that I am making a difference in my community by providing excellent customer service. I am also fortunate to work with devoted staff who shares my interest and commitment to building a better future for Durham Region.

As a Durham Region employee, I know I am treated fairly and respected for the work I do. In the Legislative Services Department, we are fortunate to be guided by a strong leader who motivates each of us to work hard. Working for The Regional Municipality of Durham has allowed me to give back to my community, and I am proud of the quality of services we provide Durham residents.

A Regional employee stands at the front of a courtroom.

Tara - Prosecutor

As a Prosecutor for the Region of Durham, I work with residents who have encountered traffic violations. I spend the majority of my day in court speaking to defendants, corresponding with defence agents and police, and pre-screening any collision matters. This means no two days are the same–each one presents different challenges and new faces.

One of the reasons I enjoy coming to work is that I have a real sense of the camaraderie that is most often found in smaller office environments, even though I work for a large-scale government agency. There is a strong focus on service excellence, and as a public servant, it is my job to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and ethically, while still maintaining the public's confidence in the Region of Durham's justice system.

I feel a sense of pride because I provide a high quality of service to the residents of Durham Region (and therefore, my community). The Region truly creates a welcoming working environment, and offers opportunities for both professional and personal growth and development. I have attended a number of courses offered by the Region, including accessibility training, which enables me to serve the public more effectively and makes me a better employee.