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Recruitment Policy and Process

Six Stage Recruitment Process

The Regional Municipality of Durham recognizes that its effectiveness as an organization is determined largely by the quality of its workforce. To this end, an impartial and objective recruitment and selection process best ensures the employment of qualified personnel.

The Region of Durham promotes a culture of inclusion and values the principles of diversity, equity and accessibility. As such, we:

It is the Region's practice to give current employees consideration, prior to recruiting externally.

The Region of Durham is an equal opportunity employer.

Six Stage Recruitment Process

Stage 1 – Apply Online

To be considered for employment opportunities with the Region of Durham, please apply online.

You may apply to specific current employment opportunities, which are posted in the Current Employment Opportunities section, follow the link by clicking on “View Employment Opportunities”.

You may also wish to submit a resume to Ongoing/Future Opportunities to be considered for positions that may become available in the future and/or for which we have ongoing recruitment activity. Follow the link by clicking on “View Employment Opportunities”.

You may also wish to submit a resume to our general submissions area to be considered for positions that may become available in the future. Follow the link by clicking on “View Employment Opportunities” and click on the button titled “Submit General Application”.

In order to apply online, you will first be required to “Register” as an active applicant by creating a user name and password. Please note that your username and password are case sensitive. To help protect your personal information, please keep your username and password for this site confidential. For help on “How to Register,” click here. For help visit our Application Process Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) section.

Applications/resumes will be retained on file for a period of one year. If you have updates to your resume (contact information/education/certifications/licenses, etc.) you will need to upload a new resume.

Stage 2 – Application Screening

Resumes are screened by Human Resources Representatives based on the education, experience, skills, abilities and competencies outlined in the job posting. Applications that best match the required qualifications will be forwarded to the hiring manager for further consideration. Should you be selected to participate in the competition process (e.g. testing and/or interview), you will be contacted directly. Due to the volume of resumes we receive only those applicants that are being considered will be contacted.

Once you have applied online and uploaded your resume, you will be able to review the status of your application. To learn more about your application status visit our Application Process FAQ's section and read the section titled “How do I know that my application has been received?”

Stage 3 – Selection Process

As part of the selection process, candidates may be asked to participate in various types of assessments to determine suitability for the position. Some of the assessment tools that may be used include:

The recruitment and selection process is designed to ensure fairness and consistency; assessments are administered to provide equal opportunity to all candidates. The Region of Durham is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are selected to participate in a competition, and require accommodation with respect to the interview/testing process, please contact us at A Human Resources Consultant will provide appropriate assistance pursuant to the Region's Accommodation Policy.

The interview process may consist of one or more interviews in a panel setting, consisting of two or more members. You can find more information regarding the Region's interview process in our How to prepare for an Interview section.

Stage 4 – Reference Checks

References are collected at the interview. Therefore, candidates should come prepared with a list of three to four references (a minimum of two are required from a direct supervisor or manager). Although this information is collected from all candidates being interviewed, references will be checked only for the top candidate(s).

Stage 5 – Offers of Employment

At the conclusion of the competition process, a verbal offer of employment will be provided to the successful candidate.

Offers of employment are conditional upon the candidate providing proof of education/qualification/certification/licence, etc. Also, certain positions may also require an acceptable/current criminal reference check, an employment medical or immunization verification, or other employment related information relevant to the position. The terms and conditions of employment will be communicated to the successful candidate at the time an offer is made.

TIP: If the position you are applying to requires a criminal reference check (it will be noted on the job advertisement), it is strongly recommended that you request this from your local police force as soon as possible as this could take several weeks to receive this documentation, and therefore, may delay the hiring process.

Upon acceptance of the position, you will be provided with a written offer of employment letter that you will be required to sign. At this stage of the selection process you will be required to provide original documentation to confirm date of birth (birth certificate/passport) as well as social insurance number.

Stage 6 – Welcome

Your introduction to the Region will include both a corporate and departmental employee orientation.

Corporate Orientation:

Each month, all new regular full-time and part-time employees are invited to participate in Corporate Orientation. The purpose of the session is to welcome new employees and familiarize new employees with the organizational structure of the Regional Municipality of Durham and the employment benefits related to being an employee of the Regional Municipality of Durham.

The orientation provides an overview of:

Details regarding a successful candidate's enrolment in the Corporate Orientation Session will be noted in the formal offer of employment letter (if applicable).

Departmental Orientation:

As a new employee, you will also receive on-the-job training and orientation to become familiar with job responsibilities, departmental/divisional policies, procedures and guidelines, in addition to general employment-related information that will assist you in transitioning into your new role with the Regional Municipality of Durham.

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