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Summer Student Opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How do I find out about summer student job opportunities?

Summer Student Employment opportunities are posted annually on our website (www.durham.ca) from December 1 to March 31.

Am I eligible to apply to a summer student job?

When does summer student employment commence and end?

What types of summer student jobs are available?

The Region of Durham offers various summer student positions—in multiple departments in a variety of locations throughout the Region. A sample of the types of positions (subject to change and not limited to) are:

What is the rate of pay for summer employment?

What is the recruitment and selection process for summer students?

Applications/resumes will be matched with opportunities available based on the student's area of academic study, experience and specific interest. Therefore, only one resume is required to be considered for all summer student opportunities.

What is the process if I am a returning student with the Region (worked previous summer)?

If you are interested and eligible to apply to the summer student employment program, you need to:

What documentation is required upon hire?

The Region of Durham will accept any of the following to verify enrolment:

Is there any training and/or orientation for summer students?

The Region of Durham takes pride in providing exceptional training, which includes awareness of safety issues.

All students must attend a mandatory Health and Safety Orientation, as well as defensive driver training, for those who are required to operate a motor vehicle for their position. Organizational, departmental and training specific to the position is also provided. If you are interested and hired in a Durham Region Transit position training will be provided to obtain a Class BZ driver's licence.

More information on training will be provided to successful candidates upon commencement of employment.

What time off do I get during the summer student employment period?

Due to the nature of our operational needs, and the short duration of the summer student employment period, the purpose of our summer student employment program is to employ students who are available to work during the full months of May, June, July and August.

As per the Employment Standards Act, four per cent (4%) vacation pay is paid on a biweekly basis in lieu of paid time off.

Regular attendance is mandatory for the duration of the summer employment period. Time off, related to emergency leave days under the Employment Standards Act, is limited to the provision of the Act and is unpaid.

Requesting time off other than regularly scheduled days off for vacation purposes is not encouraged and is normally not approved. However, extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.