The Public Alerting System

Alerting means warning the residents and businesses, by means of an appropriate signal, that a nuclear emergency situation is developing.

3-Kilometre Zone

Siren headThe public alerting system in the 3-kilometre zone around the nuclear stations consists of two components:

In Clarington - the 3-kilometre zone is bounded by Courtice Road, Baseline Road, Martin Road and Lake Ontario. There are 14 sirens installed in Clarington. See map for siren locations in Clarington.

In Pickering - the zone is bounded by Whites Road, Highway 401, Duffins Creek and Lake Ontario. There are nine sirens installed in Pickering. See map for siren locations in Pickering.


The sirens are mounted on metal poles that are approximately ten feet higher than street light poles.  The sirens are powered by batteries that are charged by solar panels, which are not affected by power outages.

Automated Telephone Dialing

Currently, an automated telephone dialing system provides indoor warning to residents and businesses in the 10-kilometre zone of the Pickering and Darlington nuclear generating stations. The system delivers a pre-recorded emergency message.

10-Kilometre Zones

The next phase of the public alerting project will include additional ways to alert people within 3 to 10 kilometres of each station. Currently, various options are in the process of being reviewed by the Province, Durham Region, and Ontario Power Generation.