The Provincial Requirement

Province of Ontario LogoThe Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan includes the requirement for appropriate additional planning and preparedness measures to deal with the less probable, but more severe, nuclear accident scenario.  This Plan directs that Durham Region install a public alerting system for the 10-kilometre zones around the Darlington and Pickering Nuclear Generating Stations.

3-Kilometre Zone

The Provincial requirement states that the public alerting system must provide, within 15 minutes, warning to practically 100% of the people within the three kilometre zone "whether they be indoors or outdoors, and irrespective of the time of the year or day."

10-Kilometre Zone

The current Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan states:

“A public alerting system shall be installed in the remainder of the Primary Zone (3-10 kilometres) that will provide within15 minutes of initiation, warning on an area-wide basis to the population in all of the response sectors within that part of the Primary Zone.”

The term “area-wide basis” means that the alert system will cover the 3 to 10 kilometre areas, but does not presume that 100% of the people in that area will necessarily hear the signal.