Doing Business With Durham Region

You are invited to join the many other businesses currently providing goods and services to Durham Region. We have developed this guide to assist you in doing business with Durham Region.

Selling goods and services to Durham Region is very much a two way street. Durham Region cannot operate without the goods and services provided by private businesses. On the other hand, taxpayers expect their taxes to be spent in a fair and equitable manner for jobs that are well done. For this reason Durham Region purchases required goods and services in an open competitive environment.

What Durham Region Buys

Durham Region purchases a variety of goods and services, in fact too many to list here. The following list however provides a high level overview of the most commonly purchased goods and services:

How We Buy

The majority of the goods and services purchased by Durham Region are through a competitive bidding process. The following is a brief explanation of the various types of procurement processes. The specific policies are contained in the Region’s Purchasing By-law 68-2000. A more detailed explanation of the following processes is contained in A Guide to Purchasing By Durham Region.

A Standing Agreement is for items in great demand throughout the year. Chemicals, tires, and office supplies, are some examples of the vast number of term contracts issued. These contracts are generally awarded as a result of a competitive bidding process and are let for one to three years in duration. The various Regional Departments normally release the goods or services directly from these contracts.

An Open Market purchase is for a one-time purchase. The following categories of Open Market purchases are possible:

Who Gets the Contract?

The Region generally awards contracts to the lowest responsible bidder for quotations and tenders. The lowest responsible bidder is one who:

In the case of RFP’s, the criteria for award are specified in each RFP document. For purchases in excess of $125,000, Council approval of the award is required.