Parents of Children Attending Child Care

Be Wise Immunize

Children attending licensed child care in Ontario need to provide proof of immunization against 9 infectious diseases:

The Child Care and Early Years Act, Section 35 requires child care providers to ensure that any child attending the day nursery is immunized as recommended by the local Medical Officer of Health.

Children who do not have all of their immunizations may not be allowed to attend the child care centre. These same immunizations are also mandatory for school.

It is important to follow Ontario's recommended immunization schedule to keep your child protected.

Some required immunizations may not be valid when they are given at the wrong time. The following immunizations must be given on/after your child's 1st birthday:

If you’ve followed the Ontario Immunization Schedule, and your child received immunizations at the recommended ages, they are up-to-date. Check with your healthcare provider!

Exemptions may be granted for medical reasons by a qualified medical practitioner (ie: doctor) or a parent of the child may object to immunization in writing for conscience or religious belief.