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Facts About...


What is it?

Abstinence is when a person delays or avoids any type of sex or sex play with a partner. For some it means having no physical contact. For others, it could mean having limited contact, allowing some sexual activities but not having sexual intercourse.

How effective is it?

Complete abstinence is the only sexual practice that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

This means no sexual behavior that involves skin to genital, genital to genital or bodily fluid to genital contact.

What are the benefits?

It’s free! Abstinence gives couples time to get to know each other. It can help a couple see the difference between love and sex. It may also help with communication in a relationship.

What are the limitations?

People who choose abstinence may face negative feelings from their friends and peers. Peer pressure is the reason many teens’ decide to become sexually active. Some people may feel pressured by their partners to have sex. It is important to know your limits and make them clear to your partner.

You should know…

In some cases, people choose not to have sex or sex play because of personal, cultural, moral or religious beliefs. The choice to be abstinent can be made at any time.

You can say no at any time in a relationship, even if you have already had sex. Talking with your partner is the first step to a healthy relationship.

March 29, 2017