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Facts About...

(Td, Tdap, Td Adsorbed®, Adacel®, Boostrix®)

What is it?

There are different vaccines that protect against diphtheria, pertussis (also known as whooping cough) and tetanus (for more information on these diseases see Facts About for each disease). Your health care provider will decide which vaccine is best to give based on the Ontario Immunization schedule.

Tdap (Adacel®, Boostrix®):

Td (Td Adsorbed®)

How effective are the Tdap and Td vaccines?

When Tdap and Td vaccines are given as recommended, 100% of people are protected against tetanus and diphtheria, and 90% of people against pertussis. Immunized people who become ill will have a milder illness than those who are not immunized.

Who should receive the vaccines?

As part of the Ontario Immunization Schedule Tdap is given to:

*Parents must contact the Health Department if you object to immunization based on conscious or religious beliefs, or if your child cannot be immunized for medical reasons.

As part of the Ontario Immunization Schedule Td is given to:

Are there side effects from the vaccine?

The most common side effects of the vaccines are:

A cold, wet compress to the site and/or acetaminophen can be used to help to relieve pain, swelling and/or fever after vaccination.

Severe allergic reactions after vaccination are very rare and may not be related to the vaccine. However, if you think a serious reaction is developing, seek medical attention right away. Any unusual or significant changes in your health or your child’s health after the immunization should be reported to a doctor and the Health Department.

Who should NOT get the vaccine?

If you have any medical conditions, discuss the vaccine with a healthcare provider to determine if you should receive it.

Your record of protection

After you or your child receives a vaccine, update your immunization record (yellow card). For children in school or daycare, please call the Health Department to update your child’s immunization records. Keep your records in a safe place!

October 2015