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What is it?

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is a common childhood infection caused by a virus that most often affects young children.

How is it spread?

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease spreads from one person to another by sneezing/coughing or contact with saliva, mucus or the stool of an infected person. The virus can persist in stool for up to 4 weeks after the start of illness and even after symptoms have resolved.

What do I look for?

A mild fever for one to two days, loss of appetite, lack of energy, headache followed by red spots often with blisters on top most commonly in the mouth, throat, palms, fingers, soles of the feet, and less commonly, the buttocks. This illness usually lasts for 7–10 days.

How is it treated?

Hand, Foot and Mouth disease is caused by a virus. There is no specific treatment.

How can I protect myself?

January 15, 2014