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Facts About...

Meningococcal Quadrivalent Conjugate Vaccine
(e.g., Menactra®)

What is it?

Who Should Receive the vaccine?

Men-C-ACYW-135 vaccine is recommended and publicly funded (free) for people 9 months to 55 years of age, where the risk of IMD is ongoing, including:

Other people recommended to receive Men-C-ACYW-135 vaccine include:

What is the schedule for the vaccine?

Men-C-ACYW-135 vaccine is offered for FREE to children in grade 7 through school-based and public health immunization clinics.

Under the Immunization of School Pupils Act, one dose of Men-C-ACYW-135 vaccine is required for children attending school in Ontario unless they have a valid exemption*. It is recommended that all grade 7 students receive a dose of Men-C-ACYW-135 even if previously vaccinated.

Are there side effects with the vaccine?

The most common reported side effects are:

Side effects are usually mild and last only a short time. A cold, wet compress applied to the injection site and/or acetaminophen can be used to help relieve pain, swelling, and/or mild fever after vaccination.

Severe allergic reactions after vaccination are very rare and may not be related to the vaccine. However, if you think a serious reaction is developing, seek medical attention right away. Any unusual or significant changes in your health or your child’s health after the immunization should be reported to a health care provider and the Health Department.

Who should NOT get the vaccine?

Don’t forget to update your record of protection

After you or your child receives a vaccine, update your immunization record (yellow card). For children in school or child care, please call the Health Department to update your child’s immunization record. Keep immunization records in a safe place!

*Parents must contact the Health Department if you object to immunization based on conscious or religious beliefs, or if your child cannot be immunized for medical reasons

September 20, 2017