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Facts About...


What is it?

How effective is the MMRV vaccine?

Who should receive the vaccine?

*In Ontario, two doses of measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination after the first birthday are required for school attendance under the Immunization of School Pupils Act (ISPA). In addition, chickenpox vaccine is required for students born in 2010 or later.

Are there side effects with the vaccine?

The most common side effects:

Who should NOT get the vaccine?

If you have any medical conditions, discuss the vaccine with a healthcare provider to determine if you should receive it.

Your record of protection

After you or your child receives a vaccine, update your immunization record (yellow card). For children in school or daycare, please call the Health Department to update your child’s immunization records. Keep your records in a safe place!

* Parents must contact the Health Department if you object to immunization based on conscious or religious beliefs, or if your child cannot be immunized for medical reasons.

August 20, 2015