Tummy Time


Benefits of Tummy Time

Strategies to Encourage Tummy Time

Start supervised tummy time soon after birth, so your baby will become used to, and be comfortable in this position. Here are some ideas for positioning baby for tummy time:

0-6 months:Hold your baby on your chest facing you

6-9 months:Hold your baby in a suspended (airplane) position above your chest

At this stage babies should be ready to spend most of their floor time on their tummy. Here are some suggestions:


Babies develop from the head down. As babies grow older, they should spend longer periods on their tummy. Remember babies can become bored quite easily. When a baby becomes fussy, it is time to switch to a new activity. Here are some other activities you could try:

Babies may spend no more than 30 minutes daily*:

   Avoid*: Jumpers & Exersaucers

These pieces of equipment promote stiffening of the legs and toe pointing, which may interfere with normal walking. Putting babies on their feet too early interferes with their shoulder and chest development.

*Overuse of these activities may interfere with or delay a baby's sensory and motor development