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Resources and References

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Everyone can become more resilient. It takes practice. Together with the support of family and community, Kids Can be better prepared to face life’s challenges.

Durham Region

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Growth and development
Connecting with your child
Positive discipline

Check out resources in your community such as:

SafeKids Canada
Provides information on helmet safety and correct helmet fit.

Reaching In…Reaching Out
This website provides parents with information and activities to help children bounce back from life’s challenges.

Screen time guidelines
For healthy growth and development the time children spend watching TV or playing on the computer should be limited.

Best Start
Learning to play and playing to learn is a parent resource to help prepare your child for kindergarten.

Bounce Back Books
These interactive books suggest fun, engaging and hands-on activities that parents and caregivers can enjoy with their young children, while learning about and developing their resiliency skills. 
To obtain hardcopies of the Bounce Back Books, requests can be sent to


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